Meet JJ Nozak

This 7 ½-year-old dynamo has big dreams on and off the field. She started playing soccer when she was just 6 years old. Now, she’s ready to take on the world with her remarkable passion for the game.

Player Stats

  • Age: 7
  • Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Position: Attacking, Midfielder
  • Number: 10
  • Team/Club: WSA Academy, Samba Elite Soccer, No Stress Midwest, Soccer City Tulsa
  • Coaches: Matt Funk, Brandon Smalley, Kurt Quillman, Bryan Turner, Coach Logan, Coach Eric
  • Management: William Nozak
JJ Nozak Player Stats

Practice Like JJ

JJ knows the best way to get better is to spend time on skill development. Each week she works to improve her footwork, speed and agility with drills at home and on the field. Check out JJ’s favorite drills and exercises.
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Shop JJ’s Gear

From cleats to kits, JJ has you covered. Check out the equipment JJ and her teammates use to level up their game. There’s no goalkeeping here – she’ll show you what gear she loves and what items she uses the most.

Dedication. Determination. Drive.

JJ is one of three kiddos in the Nozak family. As the oldest sister, she is a natural-born leader and teacher.

She first showed interest in soccer when she went to a game to cheer on her younger sister, Berkley. When Berkley’s team needed an extra player, JJ was eager to hop in and help.

JJ soon discovered her love for the sport and constantly asked her dad to practice at home. As she has progressed, it’s been exciting to watch her skill and passion grow.

When she’s not playing soccer, JJ enjoys spending time at the lake with her family, hanging out with friends, opening Pokemon booster packs and watching Jesse.

Watch JJ Play

See JJ in action. No matter if it’s futsal, indoor or outdoor soccer, 3v3, 4v4, 7v7, or a weekend tournament, JJ loves a chance to compete alongside her teammates.

JJ's Trophy Room

JJs Trophy Room

1st Place

Turkey Shoot out -Edmond Soccer Club

2nd Place

BASC Fall Classic

WSA Tournament 4v4

Futures Cup 4v4

3rd Place

Ready to work with JJ?

JJ is currently accepting sponsorships, endorsements and branding opportunities. If you are interested in working with JJ, please get in touch with her parents. We would love to work with brands that support soccer, girls’ athletics and leadership development.